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Bizarre Anal Insertions

Several cucumbers anal insertions
A bizarre scene featuring some very shocking anal insertions! There are multiple cucumbers, carrots, apples and even chili peppers shoved into this poor submissive housewife's asshole as she screams for mercy from her husband!
Views: 2596
Apple anal insertion
More extreme anal destruction from this shameless housewife who is ordered by her husband to insert enormous red apples in her ruined ass hole, then expel them and spread her damaged sphincter apart till her anus spits and prolapses!
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Huge anal insertions
A totally insane scene starring 'Monica XXX' impaling herself on a giant fanta bottle and stuffing her holes with more huge & bizarre objects!
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Bizarre insertions
Another extreme compilation movie featuring multiple teen sluts brutally fisted, inserting large dildos and big bottles up their twats!
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Giant dildo insertions
This gorgeous blonde babe abuses her holes with a variety of extremely large dildos. She loves stretching her ass and pussy till she squirts for the camera!
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Extreme anal fisting
More brutal anal action in this amateur movie which features a huge egg plant insertion and relentless anal fisting until she pisses herself!
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Anal fisting orgy
A classic European fisting clip, with 3 girls and 2guys on a park bench. Starts with an anal fisting, then a double pussy and anal fist
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Self anal fisting
A sexy blonde babe is putting an anal fisting show on a pedastal for one very lucky spectator!
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Anal prolapsing enema
The most extreme anal star 'Mila Shegol' is captured behind the scenes shoving a hosepipe up her ass and squirts it out her ruined, prolapsed anus!
Views: 8304
Anal fruit dispenser
An extreme scene featuring a shameless housewife who is tortured by her husband who shoves enormous apples in her anus, then she expels them resulting in a very over stretched and ruined anal rosebud!
Views: 6390
Bizarre anal prolapse
An extreme anal scene featuring a busty brunette babe outdoors getting her ass hole brutally fucked by a pitiless stud until her anus prolapses and he dumps his cum on her ruined guts!
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Rather Extreme
Club Gape
Fisting King
Anal beer can fuck
Another scene featuring this shameless amateur housewife once again having her anal cavity destroyed as she is ordered to impale herself on a huge, thick beer can until her anus is a red raw, farting, gaping mess!
Views: 4822
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Huge anal prolapse
Another bizarre scene featuring this submissive housewife. This time she is getting a rough fisting in both holes and her hubby pushes his hand through her twat and out her anus resulting in an unbelievable anal prolapse!
Views: 6205
Brutal anal fisting
This is one of the most extreme anal fisting action movies on sicflics. This girls asshole is fisted so hard its prolapsing!
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Anal piss enema
This scene features some hard 3way fist and anal fuck double penetrations, then the fister girl gets her bowels filled with a nasty piss enema!
Views: 7844
Triple anal dildo fuck
This insane amateur whore gets her cavernous anus blown apart by her husband who shoves three enormous vibrating dildos deep in her anal cavity, completely destroying her hole as she screams for a little mercy!
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Anal baseball bat fuck
An all out anal extravaganza featuring this cute blonde teen obsessed with destroying her asshole! She fucks her poop chute with a variety of enormous dildos, rubber fists, and a wooden baseball bat until her anus permanently gapes wide open!
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Extreme anal fucking
A very extreme large/deep anal fucking clip. Then a very talented trick at the end where we are shown just how worn this ladys asshole really is!
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Huge anal penetrations
This hot and horny little blonde slut gives her anal sphincter muscles a hard workout with a variety of huge dildos and giant plugs till she cums hard!
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Huge anal speculum
This clip could be an anal anatomy lesson if it was not for the shocking anus stretching capabilities of this housewife! Her worn out anus is ripped wide open by the cold steel speculum so we see deep in her pulsating bowels!
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Extreme anal fisting
The fisting Princess Juanita DaCosta features in this bizarre movie as she receives a very greasey anal fisting to destroy her ass even more!
Views: 6734
Huge anal dildo fuck
Another astonishing scene featuring more extreme anal play with a horse sized dildo!
Views: 9473
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Anal foot fucking
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Giant anal bottle fuck
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Huge anal butt plug
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Giant anal bead fuck
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Double anal fuck
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Anal / vag fisting
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Anal salami insertion
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Anal baseball bat fuck
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Anal aubergine fuck
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Anal bottle fuck
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Anal fist & prolapse
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Giant anal dildo fuck
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